This is my most favorite time of the year for lots of reasons but I did forget how cold it gets! Burrr, and to think during the summer I say wow I love snow I want to live in Colorado. Um, reality check I would never stand a chance! I love snowboarding but that is as far as it gets. I am so blessed, I love surrounding myself with family and the spirit of this time of year. I have sat back and thought a lot about what I am grateful for and I definitely know what is important in life. It is not about how much you have, where you live, what you drive, or what brand is on the back of your shirt it is all about the LOVE that you have in your life! I LOVE MY #1's!!!


Deaf Football Game

One of many pictures I need to upload! It takes FOREVER to upload pictures, ugh
Logan was super cute he said, "Why is no one talking?! Well do at least the football players talk??


Sometimes The Day Rise From The Grave

YAY we are alive, I am excited to be back, I think I am over facebook for now. I miss blogging so I hope there are still people out there getting their blog on. I can't believe its been 8 months since I blogged, well guess there is a lot of catching up to do. The kids just had birthdays last week Logan is 6 and Janae is 4, Logan started Kindergarden this year and is LOVIN it! And I started college too and LOVE it so much! I can't wait to further my education, it's an amazing thing! Adam turned 29, holy moly next year is the big year! We are in East Mesa getting cozy and comfy into our new place. So many things...my camera got ruined right before I stopped blogging and I haven't gotten it fixed yet so I have just been using my Iphone to take pictures and don't know how to transfer them to the computer so I will work on that tonight. Today is not only the beginning of the week but the beginning of forever with a new outlook on life and I am so ready for it!


CHANGE - different from what it is, to change the course of history

Oh how do I adapt to the changes in my life? I am trying to keep it together because there is a reason for everything and with a little bit of faith (OR A LOT) it could only get better. Every one faces obstacles and we just learn to manage with a smile on our face and a prayer in our heart everything will be ok. I am super excited that we are back to the real life, surrounded by old friends and family, but sad that we have left sooo many friends that have been there for 4 1/2 yrs. I am so grateful for Adam's 2 jobs (his normal 6-3 job) and his/our DJ business. It keeps us afloat and we hope to continue to expand it. I think with the things that have transpired in the last 24hrs are actually a blessing in disguise.

Logan starts school in August, seriously I am so excited, he is so eager to learn. Everyday he spends at least 3hrs learning its so cute!! Today we got back from the store after he got out of his door he came to my door and opened and closed it for me, I think I want to keep him forever because he is such a gentleman and has such a sweet spirit. Janae is my super helper and my BESTIE!! She makes us crack up everyday and will instantly make you fall in love with her. I need to post pictures....ltr :) I think everything will be JUST FINE!!!


More B-Day Pics....Adam is a PRINCESS!!


Kids Birthday and Christmas Pictures!

Holy moly I can't believe I forgot to post pictures from my kids birthday! Sad day and I had some super duper funny ones too, then you get christmas then you get the cruise pictures :D so hang in there! I wish it would upload pictures quicker then it does so it doesn't take me a week to do this....


Christmas Time!!

Here is just a couple of pics from xmas, I will get to the rest later. I need to go to the gym right now. Im going to start working out with a personal trainer starting monday so I need to get myself used to working out again since I haven't been there for 2months! Anywho trying to take family pictures with us took like 30min. Thanks Colton for the facial expression in every picture I am surprised we got what we did, only 100 pictures later :) Now Im sad, to a lot of people 5 kids isn't a lot, especially in the LDS world its common to have more than 5 but with my generation it doesn't seem like that many people are having more than 4. Example, we are at 2 and done but looking at my family picture with my mom's dad, my parents, my siblings and their spouses and down the road nieces and nephews it makes me regret not having more children because all there will be is Logan, Janae and their spouses. Do you think they will be mad at me for not having more kids so Janae will have a sister and Logan will have a brother?! :( BOO I'm depressing myself I better go to the gym now before I choose to just go pick up a soda and candy bar to make myself feel better....tear


Goodbye 2009

Wow, I have been so busy. Working 5 days a week and planning christmas and everything it has been quite hectic. I'm ready for things to calm down and gain some control of my life. Maybe have a little time to myself. I just love this age of the kids right now, its so perfect, they play sooo well with each other and can keep each other entertained all day long with their imaginations. They are so cute! Santa brought Janae this awesome play house and marketplace (I will post pictures) and all of the sudden the kids play with their toys. Before Christmas I was tempted to get rid of ALL of their toys because they would never ever play with them but now I never see them. Its nice cause I can get stuff done. Santa (myself) was so nice this year. Got me lots of nice things, a whole new bedset with a zillion pillows because the $450 one we got like two years ago obviously wasn't good enough it decided to start ripping like crazy so I went out of my comfort zone and got a black, white and almost lime green set, its beautiful. I can't wait to get the whole room put together. I found a chest thing that goes at the foot of your bed that's a little darker then lime dreen and its SOOOOO perfect but I don't know how to convince Adam that its worth $200....any ideas?!?! AND the perfect, most creative lamps I've seen. I need to take a picture of this stuff. I can't believe Janae is going to be a Sunbeam, INSANE and did I tell you how happy I am that our church is moving to 1pm, they finally got the hint that 8am is human impossible working the shift that I do. CANT WAIT! About to start a movie, late!



Logan is soooo funny, I woke up to finding Logan and Janae using their Gator Golf clubs to pretend and fight the Huns (from Mulan) then they went downstairs and I heard them saying, "I gate-papa" aka Great-Papa (my mom's dad who is 90) and then Logan turned the golf club into a cane, hunched over, talked in the oldest voice he could, shaking his hand in the air and proceeded to imitate their gate-papa. It was the funniest thing I ever have seen, he was saying stuff but I couldn't understand him, he was probably yelling at some kids playing on him lawn or something ;) it was sooooo funny, I wish I could have caught it on video. LOL --- LOVE YOU GATE-PAPA!!!!!!!



Yeah I am home from a full filled week in Globe. I had fun but really missed my kids and hubby who I had not seen since sunday day for an hour. Nice, well we made it through the horrible traffic and opted to stay in town and eat at a oh so nice steak house place at the local casino where we got the hook up. Anyway, today we got up, hung out and took the kids to the inlaws since we both had to work tonight and dropped off our car to get an oil change. Then we walked to our most FAVORITE mexican shack, truly truly AMAZING! On the way over there we held hands, it was so nice, sometimes among the hustle and bustle with kids we forget to do the small but so important things. Ok that was the highlight of my day (besides my kids making me feel so loved, man I miss them right now). Then I got home from work, we are pushing 3am at this point, go to set the alarm for church, cause we really need to go even though I could SOOOO sleep through the whole thing and then some, I literally touched the alarm with my pointer finger and SHOCK!!! We met with a spark and it killed my alarm clock. Seriously, can anything else happen to stop us from going to church?!?! Weird, its totally totally dead, done, zip zilch nada, its a gonner. So we are going to have to rely on the kids as our alarm clock in the morning. But the problem is every time we do that they seem to sleep in. But I better get off the computer and sleep since its 3:35am, ahhhh I need to be up in 4hrs the latest. Stupid shockers :) I am in a lovey mood right now I can wait to go upstairs and squeeze my squishy!



Here is why I hate you soooo much....
1. I haven't seen my husband all week, planned a date night and you ruined it!
2. You ruined it by closing down the ONLY, and I mean ONLY road to my house, curse you!
3. You allow passenger trains to come through and stop RIGHT over the tracks and cause a delay for 45 minutes
4. You are to dumb to realize a solution to the problem
5. You made me eat a whole king size kit kat and medium fry cause I was stressed out for sitting so long (well plus the fries were hot and fresh)
6. Non-emergency 911 for Maricopa knows nothing about whats going on in the city, idiots
7. Once again now I am too tired to go on a date night, fine I will drink 2 red bulls (and regret it later) date night back on with my orpa!
9. I cannot wait to move, cause I won't have to do this stupid drive anymore
10. And last but not least Happy B-Day to my 2...I mean 3 girl friends (cause one of them is a twin :D)




What is there to do in Maricopa, a secluded city, surrounded by desert for miles and miles, no Target, mall, movie theater, bowling alley, miniature golfing, golf cart riding....ride a house! How country western can you get, but hey its super fun! I think Janae and I are wanna-be cowgirls! Logan didn't want to ride Copper, let alone, touch her but after he saw Janae he said he wanted to until he got on her....uhhhh, then he changed his mind really quickly, I had to get a picture before he got off :) because I am selfish. Janae wanted to go again and again, she even lead the horse by herself.


So this morning Janae and I sent Logan off to preschool and I decided to treat her to McDonald's breakfast then go to the library. She choose where we sat, it should be no big deal right? Well there is a group of three ladies sitting three feet away from us after sitting there for a bit she pipes up, pointing to them, "Mom those girls are FAT!" WHAT are you serious? I told her so fast that we don't say that its not nice (I don't know where she got that from), then about 5 minutes later she says even louder, "MOM THOSE GIRLS AREN'T FAT!!" now it looks like I said it and she is correcting ME! Holy cow, I was embarrassed, I am not sure if they heard cause I was not looking up at this point. Nice, another five minutes pass, I am texting Adam and all of the sudden the fire alarm goes off in the whole place, immediately I look up and see Janae standing up right next to the fire alarm she just pulled, that was right next to her chair. It was going off for like 5 minutes before they tried to turn it off, they realized the screw they had to tighten to turn it off was stripped (I wonder why maybe because kids have pulled it so many times, put a stupid cover over it or don't put a table and chairs right next to it!) After 15 minutes we gave up and left, the alarm still sounding. They were on the phone when we left with the fire department or something trying to get the thing turned off. LOL - - - - way to start a morning huh?! Finally made it to the library and left there with no catastrophes :)


There's Something In The Air

Last night on the way home Adam serenaded Janae for like 30 minutes on our way home, it was so cute. She kept saying again again. And he had to look at her when he was singing, eventually he couldn't think of anymore church songs and went to Christmas songs. Wow am I ready now for Christmas, its all I can think about. Just the smell of it and being with family, its the best!

I love my husband, he is the best, very supportive and helpful. I am so lucky, I can't believe we are coming up on 6 years of being married and Dec 19th will be 7 years since we have been together. He is starting to communicate more and more and I love it, its so great that my husband can communicate instead of being mute lol --- Love ya

Zoey Jade's Debute!! Happy Birthday!!

11/10/09 Beautiful as ever is, Crystal and Kevin add a baby girl to their family. We are so happy she is here! She is so perfect!
Seriously look at that profile...dude I'm jealous! lol


Janae took this pic of Logan
And Logan took this part of Janae
B-Day Shoes
Surprise trip to Flagstaff!
Sheena stop taking pictures, can't see!

Love love loved seeing our friends in Flagstaff and sooo glad they met up with us for dinner. It was one memorable night! lol

Ahh so cute, Jen hurry post this on your facebook! :D
Sexy Mama's!!